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Australien Chelsea Angelo
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Chelsea Angelo - Karriere und Erfolge:

Nation: Australien
Geburtstag : 02.06.1996
Geburtsort: Melbourne

Twitter-Konto: chelz_34
Facebook-Seite: ChelseaAngeloRacing

Saison   Serie / Klasse Wertung Team / Fahrzeug / Rennen  
2014 F.3
Dallara F305 - AMG Mercedes

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Chelsea Angelo auf Twitter:

  • Profile Pic I wouldn't mind going back to doing what I love the most 🚗 I'd do anything to be back out on a track somewhere 😭…
    1 day ago
  • Profile Pic I'm looking forward to these warmer months ahead in Melbourne. Can't resist the sunshine and outdoor adventures ☀️…
    3 days ago
  • Profile Pic I'm keen to get back out in the kart once this is all over. At least I'll have my sis to rely on when I need 😜 have…
    4 days ago
  • Profile Pic Looking back on the good times is making me miss being outside of the house with friends and family. Here's to bein…
    6 days ago
  • Profile Pic Smile! It's the least we can do in this pandemic 😁 wouldn't mind being on a race track though 🏎️ I hope everyone is…
    1 week ago